Pape Nature park

          The nature park was established in 2004 to protect important nature areas and nesting, migratory birds. The nature park covers 10 853 ha and is located in the SW, Nīca and Rucava           regions of Latvia.
The territory of the nature park "Pape" has unique natural ecosystems, beautiful landscapes and interesting sights: the Baltic Sea coast with dunes, Lake Pape, the Nida high bog, wild horses and horns that graze the natural floodplain meadows that are rare in Latvia.
Between Lake Pape and the sea is one of the largest bird migration sites in Latvia (White-Baltic Sea Bird Trail). In autumn, the only migratory bird observation station in Latvia operates here, where ornithologists count and ring migratory birds.
          There are three nature trails in the park. In two of them, walking or cycling, you can enjoy the magic of nature and see the most interesting sights in the park. Visitors of the park can also learn more about wild orchids by following the new Orchid Trail.
In the territory of the park there is also the village of Pape, Pape Ķoņi village, where there is still a rich cultural and historical heritage, the former buildings have been preserved.

1. Do not drive or leave the car in the dune area!
2. Use only roads and trails for traveling and walking!
3. Do not leave waste!
4. You can only make a campfire and camp in the permitted places!
5. Follow the fishing rules!

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