About us

Pūķarags is a recreational complex on the shore of the Baltic sea, in the territory of Pape Nature Park, which, due to its location, offers a special and unforgettable recreation for its visitors.
The Baltic Sea is an integral part of Puķarags, because everyone has the opportunity to relax in the way they like. On the seashore you can sunbathe while reading a book, go for a sunrise or sunset swim or just get a tan that will make you envious. But if you are a fan of more active recreation and lazing in the hustle and bustle of the sea is not for you, you can use the shore to indulge in a friendly volleyball match. There are just some of the reasons why people from different countries choose to spend their holidays with us, where you will always fell at home and welcome.

Pūķarags - a special holiday complex situated along the picturesque Baltic Sea and Pape Nature Park. Due to the scenic location, your stay will be relaxing, exciting and unique.

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