Bisons are the largest wild herbivores in Europe, which once inhabited Latvia as well. The European bison is listed in the World Red Book. Currently, bisons live only in the vicinity of Pape.
The bison once inhabited temperate deciduous forests and meadows from the British Isles, all over Europe, all the way to Siberia. However, man has not spared bison, and animals that were once so widespread are now found in only a few places.
The bison is the largest mammal on the continent. Bison bulls are larger than female bison, but both sexes have short horns. Bison have a thick, dark or golden brown wool. The neck of these animals is short and broad, with a pronounced hump. The long hair visually widens the neck, which forms short mane under the neck. Horns are of both sexes. As winter approaches, bison wool becomes even thicker.
The habitat of the bison is mixed deciduous forests and meadows, such as the Białowieża Garden. When feeding, they prefer areas where the forest is at least 20 years old.

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