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complex recreation facilities by the sea in the territory of the Papes Natural Park

Pūķarags - a special holiday complex situated along the picturesque Baltic Sea and Pape Nature Park. Due to the scenic location, your stay will be relaxing, exciting and unique.

You can relax by the sea, stroll along the golden Baltic coast, breathe the fresh sea air, hike through the local nature preserve or take part in a team sports game.

Besides activities at Pukarags, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the unique recreational opportunities that surround the compound. Here you will be able to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

In the vicinity of Pukarags, you will have unique recreation opportunities:

Here you can:

  • watch the variety of bird species in the territory of the Papes Natural Park from specially installed observation towers. The region around Lake Pape is one of the best places for birds observation in Latvia;
  • take a walk along the Natural Processes Path and watch how the beauty of nature – natural landscape – evolved;
  • take a stroll along the Natural Pathway around Lake Pape;
  • take part in an excursion to the habitat of wild horses, wisents and aurochs. Excursions are held by a guide from the World Nature Fund. An observation tower was specially built to enable monitoring of the animals from a distance;
  • relax by the side of Lake Pape;
  • watch the affluent flora of the Papes Natural Park, where you may come across some rare and protected plant species.

Further details about the Papes Natural Park: